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Introducing Ina®, Your Dietitian-On-Demand

I help people with chronic conditions, like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, eat healthy and stay well-nourished.

Good nutrition can help people feel better, self-manage symptoms like nausea, weight changes, or tiredness, and even slow down the progression of some conditions.

It's as simple as sending me a text!


It's Free!

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Personalized 24/7 Nutrition Guidance at Your Fingertips

Whenever you'd like me to answer questions about your nutrition needs or symptom management, text me from your cell phone and I'll respond with personalized nutrition tips, recipes, and answers to your questions—no phone calls or appointments necessary.

The Knowledge of Experienced Chronic Disease Management Professionals

All of my knowledge and advice comes from registered dietitian nutritionists, nurses, and doctors who are experts in treating and supporting patients with chronic conditions.

Safe, Secure, and Free

Registration and unlimited 24/7 access to my services is free, HIPAA compliant, and secure.

It's Simple!

Just enter your phone number.

To get started, enter your cell phone number. This is how we will identify it is you. Click "Accept" and "Let's Start", and Ina® will send you a text message to begin your chat.

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